MCM Voice Vanity Number

MCM Voice Vanity Number

Subscribers request a vanity number to get a list of numbers that they can remember. These numbers can also be called by phonewords, such as 1-800-Flowers (or 313-DETROIT). You can also use 1-800-Taxicab or 1-800-Battery as examples. Sometimes vanity numbers are all-numeric. Taxi and food delivery firms love numbers that end with repeated digits such as -1111. Pizza Pizza trademarked 967-1111 as a way to advertise a local number, such as -1111.

Broadcasters could match local phone numbers to station frequencies (an Am 1010 radio call-in the program might use 872-1010 and a TV channel 13, the studio might adopt 228-13-13); eye clinics may pick a number that ends with 20/20. Another potential numeric indicator to convey specific meanings is 24/7 (twenty-four hours a day), 2-2-1 (two at a time); 241 Pizza advertises the local number 241-0-241 along with a variant. Toll-free or freephone numbers are phone numbers that are billed per call but not the original subscriber. Toll-free numbers, free calls and phone numbers are identified with a prefix that’s similar to a geocode. Each country also has its access numbers.


Since the evolution of telephone networks from electro-mechanical switch switching to fully computerized stored-program controlled networks with a high level of automation, the features and functions of toll-free service have changed.

The first calls billed to a caller had to go through a telephone operator. This was often long-distance and a collection call. A lot of collect calls were made to government offices and large companies. This was both time-consuming for callers and operators by Ajoxi and Lets Dial.

Toll-free manual systems

Several telephone companies offered a manual option for callers before the automated toll-free system was invented. Toll-free, operator-assisted calls are made using the Zenith phone number that was established in the U.S.A. and Canada in the 1950s.

The basic concept of both systems was the same. The U.S. would request “Zenith2345” as a number. Some areas use “Enterprise” or “WX”, but the pattern is the same with a free name and number (such as “Zenith 2345”) to report a crime. In each case the operator would search in a directory for the number that is most relevant to the call and then make the reverse charge.

Vanity names

You can remember toll-free vanity or custom numbers. Federal Communications Commission regulations stipulate that numbers should always be assigned in order of priority. RespOrgs register vanity-number operators as RespOrgs. RespOrgs have first access to newly-disconnected number numbers as well to tollfree area code numbers. Australia also offers premium numbers such the 13-series (or vanity phone terms). These numbers can be allocated via auction.

Uses shared resources

A shared-use phone number can be an anonymous vanity number you rent to multiple companies in the same location. RespOrg infrastructure, located in the United States, routes calls from the same phone number to different vendors. This is based on the area code 603 area code 623 area code.

For example, a taxi business could rent shared 1-800-TAXICAB service in one place. It can then be redirected locally to taxi companies. The promotion is sent to local taxi companies for individual use.

Ex-Mercedes dealer acquired 1-800-MERCEDES. He began charging other dealers for calls to the number. Donald Bloom, a former Mercedes dealer, was the operator. He claimed deception. Mercedes eventually had to be forced by 1-800-FOR MERCEDES for a second number.

A company that rents 1-800-REDCROSS at a premium to Red Cross chapters in “shared usages” was less fortunate. In 2005, the Federal Communications Commission allocated the number for the American Red Cross to assist in Hurricane Katrina’s response. Try this website, troy cable’s phone number and click it.

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