Mobile Satellite Communications System
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Secure High-Speed Satellite Internet, Phone and Fax Lines For Remote Locations

WellSite Package
MobileSat provides complete communications package for well site trailers. The system is mounted on the roof, using a non-penetrating roof mount. A 4 foot X 6 foot stand is placed on the backside of the well site trailer, which is screwed with lag bolts to the side of the trailer. Plates are screwed to the other side of the shack, and ready rods are used to connect the plates and the non-penetrating roof mount. The mount is held in place by the tension from each side of the trailer. PVC conduit is used to protect the cables from the mounts down the side of the trailer to a porthole in the side of the trailer. Cables are run in side the trailer to the controller box. The controller box (8" X 14" X 16") is placed in an unobtrusive area (under the counter / in a drawer). The user only needs a few seconds of access when setting up or closing down the system. The controller box requires a power switch to be turned on, to select the deploy or stow options. Installation typically takes less than 5 hours onsite or 3 hours in the shop.

  • Guaranteed reception anywhere in North and Central America
  • Works in most major oil producing areas
  • One price for all services (Phone Fax and Internet)
  • Fully automated system - push button system to setup
  • Up to 40 internet connections (wired and wireless)
  • Up to 10 phone and fax lines
  • Fully secure system

  • Better able to complete your projects on-time and on budget
  • One flat fee for all calling
  • Quality communications with your office and family
  • Reliable communications
  • One complete solution
  • One point of contact for trouble shooting
  • Lower cost by combining all services
  • Completely secure
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