Mobile Satellite Communications System
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Secure High-Speed Satellite Internet, Phone and Fax Lines For Remote Locations
MobileSat Communications Inc.
Red Deer, Alberta CANADA
Phone: 403-309-2468
Fax : 403-347-0497
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  • Radar Detectors will scramble the satellite signal. Please ensure that there are no RADAR detectors plugged in around your satellite system.


Q : How do I retrieve voicemail ?

A : Pick up the handset and Dial 123 you will be taken to a voice menu to guide you through the rest of the process

Q : Why does my phone ring once every ten minutes ?

A : If your phone rings once every five or ten minutes it is because you have voicemail waiting to be picked up.

Q : Are there any long distance charges for my phone calls ?

A : All calls made in North America are covered in the charge for the equipment. However if you are to place calls overseas you will be billed extra for your calls.

Q : How do I set the dish up ?

A : Turn on the power to the controller and the modem. The power buttons for both of these are on the front of the controller (black box w/ blue face) when the power is on wait a few moments for the controller software to load up. The controller has a touch screen so when you see the "Automatic" option on the screen just touch it with the end of your finger. The controller will then open a new page and you will see an option that says "Quick Deploy with GPS" touch that option with the end of your finger and the dish should automatically stand up and find the satellite. If you are watching the controller it will tell you when it is locked onto the satellite. Once it is locked on give the modem a couple of minutes to lock onto the network. You will then be ready to make phone calls, surf the internet and send and receive faxes. (please see installation guide)

Q : How do I stow the dish ?

A : Go back to the controller (black box w/blue face) and ensure that the power is turned on and then just push on the tab that says "Stow Dish". The dish will then automatically lay down. When it is finished visually inspect the dish and make sure that it is fully stowed before turning off the power and moving the dish.

Q : Do I have to stow the dish between moves ?

A : YES! The dish must be fully stowed between moves no matter how little of a distance you may need to move it!

Q : Does the system work anywhere ?

A : The system will work anywhere from Venezuela to the North Pole as long as it can get a clear shot to the south.

Q : How fast are the transfer rates over the system ?

A : The transfer rates are comparable to High Speed Cable or DSL with average speeds of 1.5 Mb download and 256 Kb upload, however greater speeds are often achievable (eg. 1.5 MB - 4 MB Down & 256 KB - 1.5 KB up).

Q : Does weather affect the systems performance ?

A : Weather can effect the systems performance. It is usually in the case of severe weather that you will see any changes. Examples of which could be but are not limited to blizzards, severe electrical or wind storms. When the severe weather passes the system will automatically restore itself. In any event, we welcome your call for Technical Support 24/7 Call 1-866-880-7871.

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