Mobile Satellite Communications System
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Secure High-Speed Satellite Internet, Phone and Fax Lines For Remote Locations

Fully Mobile Satellite Communication System

Our MobileSat KA-1 auto-aiming mobile mount lets you take two-way Ka band communications on the road. The suitability of Ka for reliable data transfer is now firmly established by tens of thousands of satisfied users. The patented MobileSat KA-1 moves seamlessly from spot beam to spot beam, freeing Ka users from the restrictions of fixed installations.

Equally at home in the severe cold of northern Canada or the oppressive heat and humidity of a Gulf of Mexico oil platform, the MobileSat KA-1 was designed to handle extreme conditions with the same reliability expected in less demanding applications. Whether cruising the highway or bouncing around off road, the KA-1 delivers reliable two-way internet services in a space saving package - whenever and wherever you need them.

The compact, lightweight 0.67m unit fit on any vehicle: car, truck, SUV, RV, trailer, or emergency command center. The MobileSat KA-1 folds to a mere 12 inches which gives it access to garages and other low clearance passages unavailable to taller mounts.

[Ka-1 MobileSat]

Best of all, the KA-1 delivers data transfer rates comparable to bulkier Ku units for a fraction of the cost. So, the KA-1 not only conserves space and weight; it saves you money.

Key Features
  • Fast deployment and acquisition
  • Hardware controller comes standard
  • Extended temperature and wind tolerance:
    -67° to +104° F (-55° to +40° C)
    Deploys in 40 mph wind; operational to 50 mph
  • Light weight, compact, rugged construction
  • Ultra low profile (stowed)
  • Aluminum and stainless steel construction
  • Low acquisition cost
  • Available in 0.67 meter system

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