Mobile Satellite Communications System
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Secure High-Speed Satellite Internet, Phone and Fax Lines For Remote Locations

Heli- Pak Packages

MobileSat's Heli-Paks were specifically designed to provide excellent communications in the utmost remote areas. Because not all locations are road accessible the Heli-Pak has been designed keeping helicopters in mind. When slinging in equipment via helicopter weight is always an issue so we have kept the weight of the Heli-Pak down, around one hundred and seventy pounds and packaged in 2 rugged cases.

The Heli-Pak can be used anywhere it can get a clear shot to the south. Just place it on the ground, plug into power, and push one button and within 5 minutes you are ready to talk on the phone, send faxes or surf the internet.


  • Guaranteed reception anywhere in North and Central America
  • Works in most major oil producing areas
  • Fully automated system - 1 push button system to setup
  • Up to 40 internet connections (wired and wireless)
  • Up to 40 phone and fax lines
  • Fully secure system

  • Better able to complete your projects on-time and on budget
  • One flat fee for all calls made in North America
  • Quality communications with your office and family
  • Reliable communications
  • One complete solution
  • One point of contact for trouble shooting
  • Lower cost by combining all services
  • Completely secure
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