Mobile Satellite Communications System
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Secure High-Speed Satellite Internet, Phone and Fax Lines For Remote Locations

About Us

MobileSat Communications Inc. was founded to provide quality-mobile satellite communications for the Oil & Gas, Mining and Forestry industries. The founders of MobileSat were pioneers in automated communications systems, and have combined that knowledge with the best products and services to meet the demanding needs of the resource industries. MobileSat has worked diligently to perfect voice and fax quality over the satellite connection. Combining this as a one-stop shop approach, MobileSat has become the leader in automated communication systems.


In the past, communications has been a very manual and technical process, MobileSat, has taken the headache out of the process by automating the entire thing.

Working in remote areas, typically people have had to call a satellite company to come out and install a static satellite dish on the ground and run phone and Internet lines every time you move to a new location. The typical cost for an installation is approximately $1000. A combination of setup fees and mileage, this is sometimes more and some times less, depending on your proximity to a major center.

With MobileSat's solutions, there is only one initial set up fee, so that every time you move locations, your equipment moves with you. By having the system automated, anyone can press the button to deploy, or stow the dish. The result of this is that you save approximately $1000 every time you move to a new location. MobileSat saw the need for a smaller, more inexpensive system geared toward single user requirements. MobileSat developed the first ever Ka band Auto-aiming satellite mount. This system is 1/3 the size and 1/3 the price of traditional KU band communication systems. The MicroSat KA-1 communication system is providing communications to most of the major oil and gas companies in western Canada today. The sleek design allows for one person to move it around for communications anywhere in North America.

Our Goal:

To provide quality communications at a cost effective rate to enable our clients to conduct their business in the field, as if they were in a city office.

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